We Are Proud of the Company We Keep – Tom & Joe Metzger Inducted Into the 2017 GAC Hall of Fame

Tom Metzger, CEO of Metzgers Printing & Mailing with with his son, Tony Metzger
Tom Metzger was born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in Toledo, Ohio talking print. His grandfather was a printer and his father was a typesetter. It was 1976 when Tom was one year out of high school that his father decided to go out on his own and opened his own typesetting business. Tom and his older brother, Richard, joined their dad, Norb, and the ensuing 40 years has been an exciting ride, to say the least. It was 1982 when younger brother, Joe, graduated high school and also joined the family business to make it Norb and his three sons.
As the Metzgers rapidly grew their typesetting company through the 70’s and 80’s, the one thing Tom recognized early is that the only thing that is consistent about this business is change. He and his brothers attended many Printing Industries seminars and almost never missed a Graph Expo. It has always been important to Tom to be on the leading edge of technology and services for their customers.
In the late 80’s, the personal computer appeared on everyone’s desk, and typesetters not only changed, but would no longer be needed. Tom was instrumental in the diversification and addition of several services to completely change the family business. Tom looked at it as “survival of the fittest,” and he believed the fittest are the leaders in offering the best services to their customers.
Metzgers continued to expand and as things became digital and more technology driven, Norb retired and Tom assumed the inside operations responsibilities, while his brother Joe took on the marketing and sales progression. Tom’s sister, Connie, also joined the organization and leads the warehouse and fulfillment division.
The last six years have seen some new energy in the company with the third generation, Tom’s son Tony. He is now working closely with Tom in operations management.
Tom and his wife, Anita have been married 35 years and really enjoy travel with their two sons. For years they have enjoyed visiting many different minor and major league baseball parks.
JOE METZGER 1964-2014
Joe Metzger and Tom Metzger

Joe Metzger was born in Toledo, Ohio and loved Toledo, Ohio. At times it appeared that Joe would have rather been the mayor of Toledo than President of his family business. Joe just loved life and was always the positive energy wherever he went. Joe was the true meaning of the old saying – when life gives you lemons, sell lemonade! – and he could do just that!.

Joe’s dad, Norb Metzger, and Joe’s two older bothers, Dick and Tom, had been in the family business six years when Joe joined them. At that time he had the energy of youth and felt like he wanted to contribute and had no fear. Joe wanted to make the business grow – and he did just that. He was the marketing and sales guy and he had a passion for printing which he made contagious.
Joe had a ton of curiosity about everything, especially how Metzgers could do more for their customers. He added many different capabilities and services that his company could offer. He always wanted to go to Graph Expo every year, ready to learn and buy. Joe had to come home from the show with new equipment, learn to run it and then move on to the next thing of interest.
Joe and his brother, Tom, worked together as partners for 32 years in the family business, growing it to the 125 team members it has now. Their different personalities complemented each other and amazingly kept each other in check.
It was in 1990 that Joe and Tom both battled and beat cancer for the first time. Joe’s cancer returned in 2011. He battled like the positive, incredible guy he was for 2.5 years, then we lost a great one!
Joe was also very proud of his family – wife Dana, and their four kids. They were always busy juggling time with family vacations and everyone’s sports activities. He always made time to be “Coach Joe.”

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