Thank You ClickIT!

“ Behind an able person are always other able people.”
~Chinese proverb

Graphco would like to give a big shout out to ClickIT, Graphco’s long-time IT consultant. Since 2012, ClickIT has played a vital role in helping Graphco stay in touch with our customers and team members, and we are fortunate to have had expert guidance on hardware and software systems, as well as back-end technical know-how for a state-of-the-art website.

Al Harlow, President and CEO of ClickIT

In 2012 when Graphco invested in smartphones and laptops for our Technical Service Team, the novelty of having email available all day was both a curse and a blessing. We turned to Al Harlow and his company ClickIT to help everyone put email on devices. Eight years later it seems funny to think about a world without iPad signatures on service tickets and 24/7 VPN access to critical documents from any location with internet service. Our internal and external IT systems have grown through two facility expansions and substantial territory and product line growth in the ensuing years, while maintaining optimal customer support capability through speedy access to critical information systems. From Sales Team communication to Shipping & Logistics, our systems have grown with room to spare. 

ClickIT’s diligence in persuading our team to continuously update IT systems and equipment ultimately resulted in a 4-hour transition to complete Work-From-Home capability for our entire staff when the orders came down from various government entities. Despite our status as a critical business, we wanted to assure the best interests of our team and our customers by working remotely whenever possible. Along with our Sales Team and Technical Service Team dispatching from their home offices, our Operations Team was able to leave Solon at 1pm on March 17, 2020 and be up and running at 8 am the following day, with full access to all the information required to service our customers quickly and efficiently. Aside from diverting shipments of inkjet cartridges to home offices, we were connected and ready for business as usual right away! 

Christopher Fredrickson, Operations Manager

Thanks again to Al Harlow, Christopher Fredrickson and their team at ClickIT for keeping Graphco connected to all of customers and to each other.

Visit ClickIT on the web:

Watch a virtual tour of ClickIT

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  1. AL Harlow on April 23, 2020 at 3:03 pm

    It is so nice of Graphco to think of writing this about us at Click IT in such interesting times. Graphco is managed by such a unique group of visionary people, it has been natural for us to do everything we possibly can to help them realize their vision through implementing the latest IT advancements as they have. It is really a tribute more to their forthright and focused vision to use technology to it’s fullest, that has helped make Click IT what it is today as both our companies continue to grow, even now. Thank you Graphco for being our most amazing customer.

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