Range Printing: Unplugging Digital and Old Iron in Favor of RMGT Technology

An RMGT Open Mic Podcast


When is it more economical to move a digital job back to offset?

In our second RMGT Open Mic session, we’re talking with Shawn Sundquist of Range Printing.  During this episode, we discuss a variety of topics, Ranging from migrating short-run work from digital to their RMGT 920 Six Color Offset Press with LED-UV, to Shawn’s passion for the local hockey scene in Minnesota.

The discussion regarding his move from competitive 40” and 29″ presses onto the new 9 Series press and the benefits of LED-UV curing will intrigue you, so enjoy to this episode and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts so you can hear our monthly RMGT Open Mic episodes.

Show Notes

Range Printing – The full story behind why they invested in a RMGT 920 six color offset press with LED-UV
RMGT 9 Series Press – Everything you need to know about our flagship press
LED-UV Curing – LED-UV and its many benefits

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