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John Dahlke Talks About the Benefits of LED-UV Curing Technology on His RMGT 10 Series 6-Color Press.

“I have been very surprised how fast we have been able to migrate from our conventional 40” press environment,” states John Dahlke. “We jumped from two older presses with no automation, to a completely new press manufacturer in RMGT. Heavy ink coverage jobs and substrates sensitive to offsetting now run at rated speeds without issues thanks to LED-UV curing. In the past, our make-readies also took much longer – this is not the case anymore. It’s also great not to “fight” jobs on press anymore – you dial it in and the press simply runs and runs. Between the efficiencies of the RMGT and the instant LED-UV curing Baldwin system, some of our most problematic jobs have become hang and bang jobs.”

RMGT 9 Series Press + GEW LeoLED UV @ Push Solutions = Big ROI

GEW has installed sheetfed offset LED-UV curing systems across the USA and the buzz around LED-UV curing is quickly gathering pace. Push Solutions, based near Milwaukee, were one of the early adopters of the technology and are now really seeing the benefits of having an LED-UV curing system retrofitted to their RMGT 9 Series press. It has changed how they print, how they go to market and the substrates that they are able to print on, to open up a world of new business opportunities. Here the senior team at Push discuss many other aspects of their new system including the retrofitting process, GEW’s remote monitoring service, environmental benefits, the cost of LED-UV inks and the overall return on investment. In the words of Brad Flagge, owner at Push: "This is the future of offset printing. It will make it viable for years... LED-UV printing makes us relevant, vital and sustainable."

Bruce Shulman, Paducha Printing - RMGT 9 Series

Bruce shares how he switched from his old press to his RMGT 9 Series press so that he could produce 16 page signatures, have in-line UV coating and the have the benefits of LED-UV curing.