RMGT HOT NEWS: Thanks to DINGA’s Great Effort for Getting Huge RMGT Orders

RMGT is pleased to announce the unprecedented feat which has been achieved by their distributor, DINGA, who is in charge of the China, Hong Kong and Macao market.

Although the Chinese market has suffered a lot of damage by COVID-19, the peak of the infection has lessened. During the latter half of last year, DINGA began to improve their organization to reinforce sales and service abilities and aggressively re-accelerate their activity in the market.

Because of all of their hard work during the last six months, DINGA has succeeded by getting 400%  more orders than last year at the same time.(including seven sets of 1050TP-8, etc.)

Under the COVID-19 severe circumstances, getting such explosive orders are surely not easy and their efforts are worthy of praise.


At the end of March, RMGT and DINGA held their annual sales meeting and successfully set up the 2021 sales target (which will surely be a new record for RMGT) and the main events. Both parties have already started to take the necessary actions based on the decisions made during the meeting.

Among the main events planned, the most important one is China Print 2021 (which will be held on June 23 to 27, 2021 at Beijing).  Three RMGT machines (1050TP-8, 920PF-8, and 790ST-5XL – all sold to DINGA) will be exhibited. RMGT is convinced that DINGA will make great progress in the Chinese market this year and RMGT will continue to do their best to support them. This year (2021) is also the 30th anniversary for DINGA and RMGT expresses their gratitude for DINGA’s continued efforts and contribution.

Test printing of the RMGT 1050TP-8 which will be exhibited at China Print 2021

Annual meeting at DINGA

Please remember that RMGT will always be with all their distributors and agents and will do their best to support them as much as they can.

Let’s overcome COVID-19 crisis together.

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