The Economics of Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing: Cockrell Enovation

An RMGT Open Mic Podcast


What are the real economics of LED offset printing? Our first episode of RMGT Open Mic features John Cockrell from Cockrell Enovation who tells the story of their transition from an Offset Printer to a predominantly Digital Printer and then back to a highly profitable RMGT & LED equipped Offset Printer.

His message of higher profitability through reverse-cannibalizing his digital work will surprise you, so listen to this episode and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts to hear our monthly RMGT Open Mic.

Every month we will interview an RMGT customer who has streamlined and super-charged their business using solutions from RMGT.

Show Notes

Cockrell Enovation – opens in a new windowThe full story behind why they made the jump to RMGT
RMGT 9 Series Press – opens in a new windowEverything you need to know about our flagship press
LED-UV Curing – opens in a new windowLED-UV and its many benefits

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