TCPrint Solutions Projects $50K First Year Savings with RMGT 9 Series LED-UV Press

TCPrint Solutions Projects $50K First Year Savings with RMGT 9 Series LED-UV Press MARIETTA, GA — April 20, 2017 — For a family business to remain competitive for generations, it must be alert enough to read the signs of a changing industry and agile enough to respond to them. TCPrint Solutions has done just that, choosing the RMGT 9 Series LED-UV offset press for its most recent strategic move. Based in North Little Rock, Ark., TCPrint Solutions is the epitome of a successful family business. Walter Simpson started the business, known then as Twin City Printing, in 1945 with a small press and a collection of hand-set type. TCPrint has ably adapted to many market and technological shifts since that time. Through all these changes, sheet-fed offset printing has remained a pillar of the firm’s business, producing the full gamut of commercial print work from magazines to business cards. However, they had always been a half-size sheet shop. Now, in 2017, with the second and third generations of Simpsons at the helm, TCPrint is making a commitment to step into a bigger arena, while still serving the clients who have been with them for decades. After much research, they chose the RMGT 9 Series LED-UV offset press to make the leap. “This press basically doubles the footprint we’ve been using forever,” said Mike Simpson, President, TCPrint Solutions. “This puts us in another market completely. We looked at a lot pf presses, and this one gives us the best ‘bang for our buck’. The other options we considered were twice the amount, and we wouldn’t be getting much more surface area than with the RMGT 9 Series.” The shop does produces the full gamut of commercial print work, including magazines, publications, flyer, brochures, and more. “We’ll be running the same types of products, just more of them and in larger sizes,” he said, noting that the LED-UV curing technology opens up the possibility of printing on a wider variety of substrates, from onionskin to cardboard. “This press will make art directors very happy. With the market saturation of digital presses, design options have been narrowing.” Simpson is also excited about the productivity gains when paired with his digital presses. “We do a lot of variable data overprinting,” he said, “which allows us to compete in the mailing and marketing end of the industry. The LED-UV curing allows us to print shells without using powder and take them directly to our digital press and run variable data. The old-school powder tended to gunk up our digital presses.” TCPrint is removing one of its older presses and preparing to take delivery of the RMGT 9 Series, with a goal of having it completely operational by the end of May 2017. Between the larger footprint and the shorter make-ready process, the company anticipates doubling its current productivity with the new press. “We’ll save around $50,000 a year just on reduced paper waste in the make-ready process, since we’ll now prep in a handful of test sheets rather than hundreds. And this thing uses just a fraction of the energy of an older press.” “When we can help a family business like this, serving their local market, by bringing in the right equipment at the right time to help them continue to grow and evolve, it is incredibly gratifying,” said Scot Gilbert, President, Paper Handling Solutions, a member of the Graphic Systems North America (GSNA) dealer alliance. “We have enjoyed this partnership so far, and we are looking forward to helping TCPrint Solutions continue to dominate in their market for years to come.” About Paper Handling Solutions                                                          Paper Handling Solutions (PHS) is part of the GSNA, a group of eight authorized sales and service centers for RMGT that serve commercial printers, offset packaging converters and in-plant printers in the U.S. and Canada. PHS was founded on the simple philosophy of bringing the latest technology and excellent support to our customers and is staffed by a highly motivated team of professionals who are driven to provide unbeatable customer service. Learn more at]]>

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