Safe Practices When Using Equipment Touchscreens

Dear Graphco Customer,

Today one of our your fellow Graphco customers asked a question about disinfecting the touchscreen on their equipment so we are presenting our recommendation regarding the use of touchscreens by multiple employees within your workplace.

The product noted is strictly for cleaning the screen without damaging the membrane.  We have no information regarding the effectiveness of this product in disinfecting the screen but here is the website:

As an alternative we strongly suggest that operators use a personal stylus rather than their fingers when using any touchscreens.  This should help with both safety and the longevity of your equipment.  

Here is a link to stylus that would be effective for this purpose can of course the stylus can be disinfected using regular procedures:

Stylus available on Amazon

As challenges like this come up from any of our customers we will share the information within the Graphco Customer Family so that we can all stay safe and hopefully productive.

Sincerely Yours,

Chris Manley

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