RYOBI MHI LED-UV Users Group at Print UV 15

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RYOBI MHI LED-UV Users Group at Print UV 15

Major Announcement Due as RYOBI MHI LED-UV Press Sales Build

Cleveland, February 12 2015 – RYOBI MHI’s Commit to Print moves to Las Vegas as RYOBI MHI Users and Sales Staff join Print UV 15 attendees on March 1-3 at Encore Las Vegas.  “As RYOBI MHI’s G3 LED-UV Technology takes hold in the North American print market numerous RYOBI MHI press sales are following suit,” states Derek Gordon, Graphco Midwest Regional Manager.  “We felt that a RYOBI MHI LED-UV User Group would allow our customers to participate in an open forum more closely focused on our G3 LED-UV technology.”

The eighth annual Print UV Conference will focus on a number of topics that drive home the significance of LED-UV technology in the pressroom, including sessions on Plastics Printing and One-Pass Printing using Long Perfectors.  As LED-UV curing becomes mainstream technology the ease of use and factory backing of RYOBI MHI LED-UV is striking a chord throughout North America.  There will be a major new RYOBI MHI LED-UV Press investment announcement made at the Print UV 15 conference.

Also traveling from Japan to join the Commit to Print team will be Mr. Kozac Takata, Group Leader of RYOBI MHI Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Takata has been closely involved with the market development of LED-UV Technology since Ryobi Graphic Systems and Panasonic came together in 2007 to strategically move LED-UV from other industrial applications into the pressroom.  “Our key advantage is our partner in Panasonic,” states Takata.  “Much like Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (RYOBI MHI’s Parent Companies), Panasonic is one of the most sought-after technology partners in the world, so developing LED-UV curing for Print as a joint venture was a partnership of equals.”

For those interested in learning more about the evolution of LED-UV Curing for Print please go to: https://rmgt9series.com/product/led-uv-printing-development/

Takata continues, “We felt that Panasonic’s reputation for consumer and industrial innovation would provide a sound foundation, similar to what we are seeing with automaker Tesla Motors and Panasonic partnering on battery technology in the new Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada. When global industrial companies like Ryobi, Mitsubishi and Panasonic develop new technologies together the synergy is quite powerful.”

The RYOBI MHI User Group will hold a kick-off meeting at Trump International Hotel where more details about this exciting new group will be shared.  All RYOBI MHI LED-UV Users are encouraged to join the Users Group where RYOBI MHI’s worldwide know-how in techniques, processes and special applications will be discussed.  2015 marks the second year for Platinum Sponsorship by RYOBI MHI and Graphco at Print UV being held March 1-3 at Encore Las Vegas.  For more information on Print UV 15 see www.printuv.com

RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology is among the world’s largest manufacturers of sheet-fed offset printing presses and the world leader in LED-UV technology with over 165 placements worldwide. Our high-speed, fully-automated presses are respected worldwide for unsurpassed print quality, low total cost of ownership, extreme ease of operation and unmatched reliability. In partnership with Panasonic, RYOBI MHI released LED-UV Curing for Print at DRUPA 2008 and we now offer the only G3 LED UV technology on the market.  Headquartered outside of Hiroshima Japan, RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology is a joint venture company bringing together the best technology and manufacturing expertise of Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  The enhanced product lineup and strengthened manufacturing prowess makes RYOBI MHI an indispensable brand for the printing industry.

Learn more about RYOBI MHI at www.ryobi-group.co.jp/graphic/english/

Graphco is the industry’s leading provider of offset, digital and print finishing solutions. Along with other GSNA members we proudly import the RYOBI MHI line of new offset printing presses featuring LED-UV curing technology, Insta-Color automated make-ready, and our popular Packaging Edition presses. All RYOBI MHI presses offer best in class reliability and durability. These presses are only as good as the technical support team that stands with them and Graphco’s reputation for top-notch service is second to none. Since 1976, Graphco has thrived in an ever-changing market place by loyally adhering to our original model for success: Providing best in class print production equipment along with reliable and assured technical service.

Learn more about Graphco at www.graphco.com

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