RYOBI MHI and GSNA Debut INSTA.COLOR Technology To North American Printers

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Up to color in just 25 sheets – Makereadies to 6 minutes

Tuesday, June 3, 2014—ATLANTA—Continuous live demonstrations of the flagship 8-up RYOBI 920 series press featuring INSTA.COLOR technology from RYOBI MHI were presented to more than 60 printers and print industry leaders from across the U.S. and Canada at a recent open house here.

Newly introduced INSTA.COLOR—which stands for Integrated Smart Technology and Automation for Color Print—represents the latest evolution of more than a decade of Ryobi Smart inking technology, color control and makeready automation.  RYOBI MHI is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of highly automated offset printing presses.

INSTA.COLOR makes color control on Ryobi presses highly efficient, intuitive and productive—coming up to sellable color in as few as 25 sheets and driving makereadies to six minutes.

“INSTA.COLOR provides color fidelity well beyond pre-set densities and gives Ryobi users the control they need to meet their customer’s precise color demands,” explained Chris Manley, president of Graphco, Cleveland, and co-founder of Graphic Systems North America.

The open house event was held May 7-8 at the RYOBI MHI North American Demonstration Center, located within the headquarters of GSNA member Paper Handling Solutions, Marietta, GA. GSNA is a group of six master distributors of RYOBI MHI presses and technology in the U.S. and Canada.

“The beauty of Ryobi’s INSTA.COLOR is that printers can achieve standard density quickly and then maintain that color through the final sheet, regardless of run length,” Manley said.

Ryobi’s PDS-E SpectroDrive scanners with closed-loop print density monitoring technology assure precise PMS colors from start to finish.  Production is alcohol-free.

Manley noted that since printing isn’t always at standard density, “Ryobi offers the flexibility to move density quickly and with minimum waste.  No need for trips back to prepress to adjust color.”

INSTA.COLOR enables on-press color adjustments as needed.  Customer press checks can be nailed down to the exact density that clients expect—without the restrictions other color management technologies put on pressroom control.  Color on gang-run jobs can be adjusted in various zones on the sheet for assured customer OK.

“Ryobi INSTA.COLOR is the new quality and efficiency standard in print production today,” Manley said.  “No aftermarket technologies are needed—RYOBI MHI offers it all.”

World-class print production with built-in LED-UV instant cure

Combining INSTA.COLOR with LED-UV instant cure technology from Ryobi and Panasonic enables printers to generate unmatched productivity, efficiency and profitability on their print jobs.  The proven LED-UV instant drying technology is available on the RYOBI 920, 750 and 520 series presses.

With LED-UV instant cure, print is completely dry immediately upon delivery and synthetic substrates do not warp or shrink due to heat—even at top production speeds exceeding 16,000 sph.  Energy usage and cost is cut by up to 80% versus conventional dryers and no spray powders or special ducting is needed.

Ryobi’s larger presses—the 8-up 920 series, the 6-up 750 series and the 2-up 520 series—each are available with convertible perfector and aqueous or UV coater.  All were spotlighted at the open house, along with new CTP technology from CRON.

All RYOBI presses deliver proven, state-of-the-art automation, extremely quick makereadies, unmatched reliability and the lowest total ownership cost in their class.  All have among the most affordable acquisition cost in their class as well making them a great investment.

• RYOBI 920 series press is available in up to 10 colors with fully automatic simultaneous plate changers.  Speeds top 16,200 sph.

• RYOBI 750 series press is available in up to 10 colors and runs at up to 16,000 sph.  Its ability to handle up to 31-pt. board and synthetic stocks also makes it ideal for package printing.

• RYOBI 520 series press is available in up to 6 colors and runs at up to 15,000 sph. It’s a sought-after offset press for smaller commercial shops and in-plant printing operations.

• RYOBI UV CASTING AND FOILING SYSTEM: Used with the RYOBI 750G series, this technology enables inline production of a large variety of high-value specialty and security printing, including hologram effects and foiling.

A detailed video of the 8-color RYOBI 928P press with perfector is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz5jQCy2rSY

For a full overview of RYOBI MHI products visit: https://rmgt9series.com/products/ryobi/

For a full overview of RYOBI MHI technologies, please visit: http://www.ryobi-group.co.jp/graphic/english/technologies/


About Graphic Systems North America (GSNA)

GSNA delivers the full line of RYOBI MHI sheetfed offset presses and technologies together with immediate support and parts fulfillment to commercial, in-plant, packaging and other specialty printers.

Formed in 2013 with co-headquarters in four U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, the GSNA group has more than $60 million in revenue and the single largest press sales, service and parts team in North America.  GSNA serves all 50 states and Canada and also oversees a network of 20 printing equipment dealer-partners.

More than 30 print industry sales consultants offer sophisticated business analytics to support capital equipment decisions.  Fifty-plus factory-trained technicians and parts professionals deliver real-time support from Ryobi’s engineering and technical team in Japan.  Six separate spare parts depots across three North American time zones are closely aligned to ensure printers have quick, often overnight access to parts.

The GSNA companies are Print & Finishing Solutions, G.E. Richards, Paper Handling Solutions, Graphco, KBR Graphics Canada and Canadian Printing Equipment.

RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sheetfed offset printing presses, hardware, software and peripherals.  Its high-speed, advanced automation, multicolor presses are respected worldwide for unsurpassed print quality, low total cost of ownership, ease of operation and extreme reliability.

To get in touch with your local GSNA RYOBI MHI Sales Consultant, please visit www.ryobi-group.com.



Chris Manley

GSNA and Graphco


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