RMGT/GSNA to Host Four-Part Color Management for Hybrid Printing Webinar Series

MARIETTA, Ga. — February 11, 2016 — Graphic Systems North America (GSNA), the Authorized Distributor for RMGT (RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology) sheetfed offset presses in North America, announced the introduction of a four-part webinar series that focuses on the challenges of color management in today’s hybrid print operations. David Hunter, President of Pilot Marketing Group, will present the first webinar topic with the theme: “The E-Factor: Bridging the Gap Between Color Expectation and Results.” The webinar will be held on Feb. 23, 2016, at 1 p.m. EST. To register, click on http://bit.ly/EFactorWebinar

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.13.42 AM“We are thrilled to have David Hunter kick off our Color Management Webinar Series,” stated Kian Hemmen, Sales Manager of Print & Finishing Solutions, the Western Distributor for RMGT. “Today’s hybrid print operations have the ever increasing challenge of printing accurate and consistent color in their offset, digital and wide format production. Dave is uniquely qualified to address these color challenges as one of the original GRACoL G7 Experts and is one of five G7 Master Trainers in the world.”

Hunter added, “Part of the challenge in the print industry has been the lack of standards and the lack of defining the precision and accuracy of their devices.” He continued, “The E-Factor defines the precision and accuracy for a given process and quantifies it as a number that relates to Delta E. To put it in perspective, IDEAlliance Certified Proofers have an E-Factor of 2. The IDEAlliance G7 ColorSpace qualified printers have an E-Factor of 3. Every output process can be quantified with an E-Factor. The same device with a different operator may have a different E-Factor. The same device with a different paper may have a different E-Factor. It is important to qualify the expected result, and the webinar will explain how to do that.”

Drupa 2016 theme: “Irodori – Coloring the World Together”
At Drupa 2016, RMGT will introduce a lineup of printing equipment featuring a new uniform design inspired by the exhibit theme of “Irodori — Coloring the World Together.” “Irodori is a Japanese word that roughly translates in English as ‘coloring and brilliance’,” continued Hemmen. “Broadly speaking, however, irodori represents a passion or zeal for life. Color is critical to printed communications. Color accuracy and consistency is vital for our customers who manage brand owner demands across their different manufacturing processes, such as offset, digital and wide format printing. The Color Management Webinar Series for 2016 is an extension of the important role RMGT plays in the color eco-system of printers around the world.”

Anyone interested in attending the first installment in the RMGT 2016 Color Management Webinar Series can register by visiting: http://bit.ly/EFactorWebinar

About Graphic Systems North America (GSNA)
GSNA delivers exclusive access to the RMGT 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series and 9 Series line of offset presses for commercial, packaging and in-plant printers in the U.S. and Canada. They also provide immediate technical support and parts fulfillment. Formed in July 2013 with co-headquarters in four U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, the GSNA group has more than $60 million in revenue and constitutes the single largest offset press sales and service team in North America.

Source: Graphic Systems North America.

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