Push Solutions’ Rapid Growth Spurs Investment in Second RMGT 9

Doubling Capacity Again in Two Years……The Push Solution

NEW BERLIN, WI — July 19, 2018 – When Brad Flagge, Nick Bova and Craig Inglish commissioned their first RMGT 9 Series press powered by LED-UV curing in the spring of 2016 Push Solutions was already on an incredible growth trajectory in the highly competitive Retail Marketing, Retail Packaging and Nationwide Distribution segment of the Print Market.  Compared to their legacy Heidelberg equipment the first RMGT 9 more than tripled capacity, but within 18 months of installing press #1 Push Solutions impressive sales efforts again overtaxed their production.

“To be honest our strategic plan didn’t include a second RMGT 9 in year 2 since that major investment,” states Nick Bova, Vice President, Push Solutions, “but our growth is practically being forced on us so we again worked with Graphco to keep our production levels in line with our sales volume.”  Push Solutions’ President, Brad Flagge, adds,  “Our first RMGT 9 has been a great producer for us, and we feel our manufacturing cost is significantly less than our competitors, so pairing up on our second press was a natural.”  Another clear advantage Push Solutions enjoys is their speed to market due to their RMGT’s efficiency and the instant curing of LED-UV.

Even in the two short years since their March 2016 installation, the number of projects that now require three to six or more touches after printing are growing each week.  “Now that we can offer our demanding client base everything from marketing materials, to point of sale signage, and even the folding cartons that contain the products our printing helps sell, we can engage with our clients in so many more ways.” comments Bova.  Beginning very early in the implementation of their first RMGT 9, it was clear that producing synthetics, plastics, vinyl and foil materials would really leverage the power of LED-UV technology for Push Solutions and today running these substrates is routine.  “Our customers love our quality, turn-around time and the fact that our plastics printing doesn’t leave an odor like traditional UV.  POS is about more than just print. Delivering a nearly odorless product gives us an edge against many of the old guard plastics houses.”

Push Solutions’ second 9 Series press, installed in March of 2018, shares a similar configuration to their first press. This includes a full array of RMGT technology like the patented Smart Insta.Color Make-ready technology, 16,000 Sheet Per Hour production speeds and LED-UV Curing along with IR/Hot Air drying to provide Aqueous Coating when it’s appropriate for their customers’ needs.  This press uses LED-UV curing technology provided by Graphco’s prime LED-UV partner GEW UV based in Crawley, England.

“We configured this press to allow for the maximum flexibility in docking positions and application options.” states Derek Gordon, Midwest Regional Manager for Graphco.  “The high output GEW lamp along with the ability to dock that lamp anywhere on the press was key to opening up options for Brad and Nick.  And GEW’s IoT (Internet of Things) approach to tech support means that the GEW lamp curing in New Berlin, Wisconsin is being monitored 100% of the time from GEW’s headquarters in England.”

“To say we are proud and pleased to partner with a dynamic and successful company like Push Solutions would be a gross understatement,” says Chris Manley, President of Graphco.  “It’s so rewarding to see folks like Brad, Nick and Craig making such great use of the tools we provide.  All the credit for their amazing growth goes to these three gentlemen and the whole Push Solutions team.  We are proud of the company we keep.”  Recently, Brad Flagge has kidded Gordon that he’s putting a sign up on the entry to their building warning salesmen that he was out of room and power for any more equipment. Push Solutions’ customers might have something to say about that. To learn more about Push Solutions please visit www.push-solutions.com

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