PrintPapa is installing the RMGT 9 Series press to improve the ability to service short-run work SANTA CLARA, CA — November 21, 2018 — PrintPapa, an online commercial printer based in the heart of Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, CA) has expanded their print manufacturing capabilities by installing an RMGT 9 Series offset press. Started in 2005 by co-founders Paul and Shawn Nag, PrintPapa has been a premier producer of short run books, catalogs, banners, point-of-purchase displays and other marketing collateral materials primarily through their digital print production capabilities. In 2018, PrintPapa invested in offset print with RMGT and joined a movement taking place in North America which challenges the notion that short-run printing should be done with digital print technology. “With customers not wanting to inventory print, we have always operated a print-on-demand model,” states Paul Nag, co-founder of PrintPapa.  “Our motto of ‘fast.. good… and cheap…’ has allowed us to grow our business significantly over the past 13 years.” Nag notes that as his company has grown, they have struggled with the inability to run more than one 11×17 sheet at a time through their digital offset press. With their offset operation, PrintPapa can print on a 24 x 36 inch sheet running at 15,000 sheets per hour with high line screen rulings. This investment was timely as requests for print runs in the 5,000-10,000 range has grown which challenges the economics of manufacturing on their high-volume toner-based digital press. The RMGT 9 Series offset press will address both of these needs, allowing them to create a faster, more efficient operation. “Our offset press was small format, and we had to grow,” states Shawn Nag, co-founder of PrintPapa. “We also saw that the demand for print runs longer than is cost effective on digital, has grown as well. It’s just not cost effective to print these jobs on digital platforms anymore. Our RMGT 9 Series press, prints on an 8-up sheet, increasing production over our current offset equipment as well as eliminate the click charge to run those longer jobs on the digital press. We’re going to see real savings.” The press is scheduled to be installed and up and running by mid-November, and Nag is excited about the opportunity to bring more work in house, as well. “Having an 8-up offset press allows us to reduce the need to outsource many jobs, allowing us to keep them in-house. This increases our turnaround capability and widens the kinds of products we can produce for our customers.” Paul Nag feels that beyond improving his bottom line, he also sees the opportunity to reach out to other customers and verticals he can’t currently service effectively, giving him a chance to expand his operation as well. “Sales is chomping to go after some of those bigger jobs,” he said. “We know for a fact it’s a ‘if we build it, they will come’ model.” “PrintPapa is the perfect example of a modern day print operation,” said Kian Hemmen – Western Regional Sales Manager, Print & Finishing Solutions, an authorized RMGT dealer. “They see a place for both digital and offset equipment, and the key is having the right tools for the right jobs. We are excited to see where Paul and his team go next with the RMGT installed, and we are looking forward to serving them well into the future.” About PrintPapa PrintPapa is fast growing online print shop based in Santa Clara, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Founded in 2005 by Paul and Shawn Nag, PrintPapa specializes in short run books, catalogs, banners, point of purchase displays and other marketing materials. PrintPapa delivers on the promise of ‘fast.. good… and cheap…’ by maintaining the latest in offset, digital and wide format print production capabilities. With over 1000s of 5 star reviews and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy making it a worry free site to order online. To learn more or to get an instant quote visit PrintPapa at]]>

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