Montreal Online Trade Printer Runs 8-up with RMGT 9 Series Press

Montreal Online Trade Printer Runs 8-up with RMGT 9 Series Press

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Press release from the issuing company

Bigger is better for Hueneye, which installed a new 25×36-inch sheetfed press nearly nine months ago 

MONTREAL, CANADA – Hueneye is one of Montreal’s only dedicated trade shops, with a 12,000-square-foot facility. The company, whose 30 full-time employees print high volumes of work, wanted to run larger sheet sizes in 2015 and considered adding a 40-inch press but decided against it due to space constraints and cost considerations. Hueneye instead opted for a five-color RMGT 9 Series press with coater, manufactured in Japan by RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology (RMGT) and purchased through Canadian dealer KBR Graphics. In addition to this new press, Hueneye also runs a 23×29-inch sheetfed press from another manufacturer, which was also purchased from KBR Graphics.

The new press features maximum printing speeds of 16,200 sheets per hour, RMGT’s Insta.Color make-ready automation, and varnish coating capability to meet customers high demands. “We needed a compact footprint,” says Mike Green, President of Hueneye. “The 9 Series’ [maximum] sheet size of 25×36 inches is the majority of our work now. We are printing flyers on gloss, 16-page signatures for booklets and brochures, and even 23×35-inch posters in varying quantities ranging from 250 up to 100,000 sheets”. Short run efficiency is gained through the SMART RPC technology on the RMGT 9 Series press: fully automatic plate changing that greatly shortens plate-changing time and provides powerful support for the frequent job changeovers and the diverse small-lot printing done at Hueneye.

The RMGT 9 Series press allows Hueneye to expand their business by tackling eight-up projects, and not being limited to a six-up format. Green explains, “We serve ‘jobbers,’ so we’re always looking to fill in holes on the press sheet.” The larger format “is particularly convenient for running book work more efficiently,” he notes. Hueneye has seen additional cost saving by considerably reducing the amount of outsourced work that was due to previous capped production capacity and the fact that the 9 Series press consumes less electricity than a larger press.

With significantly lower plate costs and power consumption than a B1-size press and a much smaller installation space, the RMGT 9 Series offers key cost advantages for today’s price-competitive printing market. “Plates for this press are roughly 30% cheaper than for a 28×40-inch press because their pricing is based on square inches,” Green notes. Hueneye is saving on labor as well “We can run the 9 Series press with one operator, which we could not do on a 40-inch press,” he points out. So the overall cost of ownership is lower, which is a major selling point for Green and Hueneye.

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