Little Mountain Doubles Capacity and Speed with RMGT 9 Series Press


March 17, 2017 — Little Mountain Printing Inc., based in Myerstown, Penn., installed the RMGT 9 Series press in October of last year. The company plans to host an open house March 30-31, 2017 for their customers and members of the local community to come in and see the new press up and running, and get a better idea of what it can do.

The new RMGT 9 Series press replaces an older machine that was starting to have quality control issues, notes Wesley Gingrich, Operations Director for the shop. He also noted that, increasingly, parts were becoming hard to find for that machine, so they made the decision to upgrade to something new, with a good support network in place.

As a bonus, says Gingrich, the shop is experiencing massive gains in speed and productivity. “Before we could only run about 8000 sheets per hour, and our max sheet size was 19×25,” he notes. “This press increased what we can run by almost four times — we can run twice as fast and twice the size as we could on our old press. The RMGT press really increased the production of our shop, and the quality is a lot better than what we had. We can print some nice work now.”

Little Mountain Printing focuses mainly on catalog printing and newsletters, and also produces its own regular publications that go out to clients and others in the local community. It is through those publications that the shop is doing the bulk of the advertising for their open house event which, Gingrich notes, they tend to have every few years when they have something new and exciting to share.

“We have the general public come in and seeing how printing works, and show them that we do more than just printing,” he points out, noting the shop is full service, offering everything from design services to mailing and fulfillment options, and the new press opens up the ability to do additional work, as well as save customers money on longer runs with the increased speed and 8up capabilities.

“We are incredibly honored to be part of Little Mountain’s story,” said Jim Lundy, G.E. Richards, the northeast distributor for RMGT in the US. “We are excited to participate in their open house, and help them demonstrate to their clients all the benefits the RMGT 9 Series will bring to every job they do. We look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come as they continue to grow their operations.”

Little Mountain is also hosting a “lunch and learn” event prior to the open house, where current customers can learn how the new press will impact their jobs and the new opportunities it provides.

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