Graphco Conditions of Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Loyal Customer,

These are certainly interesting and difficult times for all of us during this pandemic.  Our first mission is to ensure the safety of our personnel as well as yours.

In an effort to fulfill our commitment to your company and the essential supply chain, Graphco will agree to allow our technical personnel to visit your location to perform installation, training or specific repairs with the understanding that following will be adhered to:

Graphco technical staff will be equipped with their own PPE as advised by the CDC. Our staff will follow best practices as per CDC recommendations for personal distancing and clean-up of their work area at the beginning and end of the service call.  We will also be setting up markers indicating our “work area” defining our safe distance; we ask you to advise all employees to respect that border.  If we are conducting “operator training”, which may cause the safe distance spacing to occasionally break down, out technician will be fitted with a breathable mask and protective gloves, and we require that your operators to be trained are outfitted in the same manner.

We will ask that your company supply sufficient clean-up supplies such as suitable disinfectants, paper towels etc. so that we may properly clean equipment prior to working and at the end of each day.

It is our understanding that your staff and other visitors to your facility will be strictly adhering to the same guidelines for use of PPE and personal distancing as recommended by the CDC.

We also ask that you confirm that you have had no personnel that have diagnosed as having tested positive for COVID-19 for the period of up to 14 days prior to our on-site work and that you will inform us of any that test positive during our period of time there.  In conjunction with this, we ask that you also inform us immediately of any personnel that test positive within 14 days of our visit to your facility.  We would also ask that you inform us immediately upon learning of any person in the facility with a strong likelihood of COVID-19 based symptoms (even prior to test results being known).  We can then work together to determine if that person was in contact with our staff members.

Please understand that depending on the circumstance, Graphco may need to alter or interrupt our work at your facility without prior notice due to concerns involving COVID-19. However, we will endeavor to always work closely with you if the circumstances alter our planned work schedule at your facility. Graphco’s travel and onsite charges are subject to change if interruption to the services being provided are outside of our direct control.

Theresa Manley
VP Operations

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