Bryton Printing Specializes in Short Run Posters with RMGT 9 Series Press

ANAHEIM, CA — April 4, 2018 — Bryton Printing, based in Anaheim, Calf., has purchased the RMGT 9 Series LED-UV press, expected to be installed by the end of May 2018. The new press will allow the shop to expand their capacity and capabilities, giving them a competitive edge over others in their local market.

“For a while it has felt like we were ready for a bigger press,” said Jeff Weston, owner of the shop. “The reason we got the press is that it is just better suited to the market. The RMGT 9 Series is less expensive to operate, and less costly for things like electricity, plus it uses a lot less floor space.”

Weston has the website – a website dedicated to poster production. “It’s almost a slogan for us, ‘we’re perfect for 50 posters or more’. A lot of machines can do one or two posters, but as that number goes up costs increase,” Weston said. He noted that with the RMGT 9 Series, not only will they be able to do this “sweet spot” of run lengths more efficiently and for lower costs, it will also allow them to offer a much wider range of sizes, without compromising on their quality or turn-around times. “The new press can do 24×36 inches, which is about double the press we have now. We’re hoping that doubles our market.”

Weston noted that other applications they are anticipating moving to the RMGT 9 Series press include booklets, folding cartons, and a variety of projects on synthetic stocks, which he says are in high demand right now. His overall goal isn’t to try and replace digital technologies, or try to capture the one-off or extremely short runs that digital is made for. Rather, says Weston, “the idea is to be compatible with those who do digital, but when orders becomes too large for them, they get a request for a higher quantity or more pages, we can blend perfectly into that world. One of the big advantages of UV ink is that things are dry the second they come off the press, same as digital, so we’re compatible.”

One of the big draws for Bryton Printing to go with the RMGT 9 Series instead of another press was that for half the price of other offset presses in it’s size category, this equipment can do 90% of what those machines are capable of. The shop has also had good luck with the brand — this will be their 5th RMGT press since they opened their doors in 1983. “Between brand familiarity, UV, and price point, that’s what led us to this press,” said Weston.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Jeff and Bryton Printing, we are positive the RMGT 9 Series LEDUV machine is going to more than live up to the expectations.  Bryton Printing is a special business partner for us, being located 2 miles from our California Technology Center and a long time RYOBI customer.  It is always great to see customers grow their business with us” said Kian Hemmen, Director of Sales, Print & Finishing Solutions, a member of the Graphic Systems North America (GSNA) dealer alliance. “This press fits perfectly into their growth strategy well into the future, and we are excited to get it up and running, and see just how far they can go. We are looking forward to continuing to support Bryton Printing in all of their endeavors for many years to come.”

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