Graphco & RMGT at the 2017 Print UV Conference

Graphco & RMGT at the 2017 Print UV Conference

Platinum Sponsor of the premier UV conference worldwide

LAS VEGAS – Graphco, the Midwest Distributor for RMGT Offset Presses, will once again be exhibiting at this year’s Print UV conference, to be held March 29-31, at the Encore Las Vegas. The conference is one of the premier events for the global UV printing industry and features some of the best manufacturers and suppliers in business today. Unlike other industry events that focus more on the trade fair portion, Print UV is an educational event, with a packed agenda full of roundtables, keynote speakers and panel sessions that all aim to help printers from all segments of the industry gain a better understanding of how UV works and how they can incorporate it into their operations.

“This event is an amazing opportunity to come together and discuss the current state of UV technology, as well as where the experts believe the technology will take us in the future,” says Chris Manley, President of Graphco, the Midwest Distributor for RMGT. “In particular, we are incredibly honored to once again have the RMGT LED-UV technology front and center. Back in 2008, RMGT was the first manufacturer to offer LED-UV curing technology for sheet-fed offset presses. It’s great to see the other major press manufacturers joining RMGT in the LED-UV mainstream and we are keen to learn more about their early placements.”

Derek Gordon, Graphco Regional Manager, adds, “In 2014 we invited our new customers to attend so they could learn more about UV technology, and now for the 4th year in a row Print UV will be the “meet up” for our fast growing RMGT user base. We are excited to share some of the amazing success stories our customers are having with LED-UV, and of course we all want to see what is coming next.”

A Closer Look at LED-UV
So what is LED-UV technology and how is it different from other types of UV technologies? In hybrid and traditional UV systems, broad-spectrum ultraviolet lighting is used to cure the inks as they come off the press.  The unwanted light in this approach cannot be avoided so heat, ozone and other side effects are inevitable. are used instead, allowing us to cure inks & coatings while consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional UV bulbs. They also last up to 15 times longer than traditional bulbs, bringing the overall cost of supplies and maintenance down considerably over the entire life of the press. In addition, LED-UV adds far less heat than conventional or hybrid systems, allowing printers to run much more delicate or temperature-sensitive materials through their RMGT presses.

One of the other key differences setting RMGT’s technology apart is the incredibly efficient press platform that houses the LED-UV curing technology.  The RMGT 9 Series has become the press of choice for printers whose main focus is on efficiency and profitability in the pressroom due to its best-in-class manufacturing costs along with incredible print quality and durability. “RMGT’s LED-UV technology allows printers to have the best of both worlds,” says Manley. “They can produce digital run lengths (500 sheets or less) that are instantly cured and ready for finishing at a fraction of the cost of either toner/inkjet based production or traditional offset. With our affordable long perfectors, they can produce their work in a one pass 16-Page signature. That is pretty revolutionary.”



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