Sierra Adobe Workflow

Sierra is built on Adobe’s PDF Print Engine (APPE) with cross media functionality in mind. It’s equally productive in commercial, digital, and hybrid applications with a strong feature set that includes Adobe in-RIP trapping, PDF preflighting, dynamic imposition, and advanced soft proofing in both 2D, and 3D formats.

Sierra’s client-server architecture provides a simple user interface for both Mac and PC workstations, allowing operators quick access to jobs and status as they move through each step of job preparation towards final output. Imposition functionality is available to each operator without restriction, offering an economical alternative to separate seat-license applications. From 4-up to VLF output formats, Sierra handles complex job requirements with ease, resulting in fewer mistakes and increased productivity.


Advantages at a glance

  • Cross Media Workflow, Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE)
  • PDF Preflighting
  • Offers registration accuracy up to 0.01mm and impressive quality results with a tonal range 1%-99% in either conventional or stochastic screening



 Technical Data

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