Dynagram DynaStrip – Imposition Software

Dynagram DynaStrip is a high-end imposition software tailored to tackle any imposition job. Its powerful architecture allows customers to fully control their imposition layouts. DynaStrip integrates with all major workflow systems and RIPs and can handle files from over 100 applications. With over 15 years of evolution in real production environments, DynaStrip is a standard in imposition software.


Advantages at a glance

  • Easy-to-learn light-table interface and object oriented architecture
  • Tested, certified and bundled with all industry-standard workflows
  • Handles PostScript®, EPS, DCS, ICF, PDF, PJTF and JDF files
  • Keeps template creation and management to a minimum
  • Job ganging and press-sheet optimization
  • Outputs to any printer, digital imaging device, image setter or platesetter
  • Accepts files from over 100 applications
  • Floating licenses lets you output from multiple workstations, with one single dongle


Product Information


Product Video

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Dynastrip Product Suite: Description
DynaStrip Compact : Full-featured imposition software for the 2-up and 4-up printers
Maximum sheet format: 32’’ x 32’’ (810 mm x 810 mm)
DynaStrip Full: Full-featured imposition software for commercial printers with no limitations at output
DynaStrip Network: Floating licenses edition that allows customers to share DynaStrip on multiple workstations
DynaStrip Network is cross platform and can be connected to any PC or Macintosh OSX computer on the local area network
Provides the same sophisticated features as the standard version (full and compact sizes are available)
DynaStrip Automation: Advanced imposition, combined with page-pairing capabilities for newspaper and magazine printers
DynaStrip Fusion: Advanced imposition, combined with versioning capabilities for printers handling multilingual documents, catalogues and direct marketing campaigns
Build up to 200 versions of the same job