Horizon HT-30C Three-side Trimmer

The HT-30C three-side trimmer features automated job set-ups and quick changeovers to meet the requirements of the short-run print-on-demand book market. The HT-30C operates off-line to trim perfect bound books at speeds up to 200 cycles per hour. A color touchscreen allows all set-ups to be performed with full automation. Precision stepper motors accurately position all guides and clamps to insure professional quality cutting. Up to 12 inches of books can be loaded into the in-feed hopper, where books are automatically fed for unattended operation. The HT-30C stores up to 40 different book jobs in memory.


Advantages at a glance

  • Innovative Three-side Trimmer – The HT-30C Three-side Trimmer trims three sides of a book with a single knife. A pressure clamp holds and rotates the books for sequential top, fore-edge and bottom trimming.
  • Robotic Trimming – The operator simply inputs untrimmed and trimmed book size at the color touchscreen. The HT-30C then performs all necessary set-ups automatically and transports and trims each book.
  • Highly Accurate Finishing – Precise servo motors are employed for knife positioning to insure high-quality trimming. The servo controlled hydraulic unit adjusts pressure automatically for markless trimming.
  • Nonstop Trimming – If the book dimensions are the same, the HT-30C can trim books of different thickness continuously. Maximum trim thickness is 2”.
  • Powerful Trimming – Knife operation and book clamping are hydraulic controlled for safe and powerful trimming.
  • Safety Operation – The trimming section, feed table and stacker are all interlocked and safety covered for maximum operator safety.
  • Manage your Bindery with pXnet – The optional pXnet bindery control system makes job scheduling and tracking for the HT-30C super efficient, or accept JDF set-up data from an upstream workflow.


Product Information

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Untrimmed Book Size: (Spine x Fore-edge) 7.87” x 5.35” to 12.6” x 9.255”
(smaller/larger size possible with optional cutting module)
Finished Book Size: (Spine x Fore-edge) 7.87” x 5.28” to 12.01” x 9.055”
(smaller/larger size possible with optional cutting module)
Trim Width: .08” to 3.93”
Trim Height: 2.0”
Book Pile Height: 11.8”
Production Speed: 440 books/hour (book thickness 25 mm, 2 piled books)
500 books/hour (book thickness 10 mm, 5 piled books)