Horizon HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer

The Standard Horizon HT-110 is an automated Three-knife Trimmer, with a user-friendly 10.4′′ color touchscreen control console. The trimmer is simple and easy to operate, with all necessary settings performed through the icon-based touchscreen. The HT-110 can run at speeds up to 1,600 cycles per hour, and by accumulating up to 3 books at once at the stream stacker, production of up to 6,000 books per hour can be achieved. For off-line or in-line operation.

Advantages at a glance

  • Highly accurate set-ups are performed with easy and simple operation
  • Trimming can be adjusted in 13 stages from 400 to 1,600 cycles/hour. By accumulating 4 books at once at the stream stacker, productivity 6,000 books/hour can be achieved
  • Rigid framing and durable structure provides the utmost in trimming accuracy


Product Information

  Case Study

Untrimmed Book Size: (Spine x Fore-edge) 5.83” x 4.14” to 16.14” x 12.59”
Finished Book Size: (Spine x Fore-edge) 5.71” x 4.05” to 14.40” x 11.81”
Trim Width: Fore-edge 1.77”, Top-bottom 1.18”
Trim Height: .079” to 3.93”
Production Speed: 400 to 1,600 cycles/hour