Horizon HT-1000V Variable Three-knife Trimmer

The Standard Horizon HT-1000V Variable Three-knife Trimmer achieves true on demand book production of variable sizes. The trimmer operates in-line with Horizon perfect binders or off-line to deliver a wide range of input and output sizes for completely variable production. Set-up and variable trimming are achieved automatically by reading a barcode printed on the cover sheet of each book at the entrance of the trimmer with no operator input required. The system trims up to 1,000 books of variable thicknesses and format sizes per hour and will accept a broad range of input sizes and deliver trimmed books from 5.7′′ x 4.05′′ up to 13.38′′ x 11.69′′. The heavy-duty construction allows the trimmer to be run in a 24/7 production environment with consistent high-quality finishing. A uniquely designed, automated trim removal system ensures consistent running without jamming. The system can also trim stacked books of the same untrimmed size and finished format at the same time, up to 2.55′′ in height, for high productivity when variable trimming is not required. For same size production runs, the trimmer can be set-up offline via the touchscreen by inputting the desired untrimmed and finished size.

Advantages at a glance

  • Automated Set-up – The HT-1000V is set-up automatically on-the-fly by reading a barcode at the entrance of the trimmer. The system also is capable of automatic set-up from the operator panel for same size production runs.
  • Variable Size Trimming – One-to-one book production with variable sizes can be produced. Both untrimmed and trimmed sizes can be variable for true variable format production.
  • In-line Production – The HT-1000V can be placed in-line with Horizon perfect binders to maximize finishing automation and minimize human operation error.
  • High Speed Operation – Maximum cycle speed of the HT-1000V is 1,000 books/hour. For example, A4 to A5 alternating sequence (book of one production) can be 950 books/hour. (Production speed depends on book condition and preparation of untrimmed books.)
  • JDF Workflow – The HT-1000V can be connected with the Horizon pXnet JDF workflow for finishing production efficiency and management.


Product Information


Product Video

Untrimmed Book Size:  (Spine x Fore-edge) 5.825” x 4.13” to 13.78” x 12.6”
Finished Book Size: (Spine x Fore-edge) 5.705” x 4” to 13.39” x 11.815”
Trim Width: Fore-edge .04” to 4.33”, Top-bottom .04” to 3.15”
Trim Height: .04” to 2.56”
Production Speed: 400 to 1,000 cycles/hour (higher production with piled books)