Graphic Whizard 460A PUR – PUR Perfect Binder

The newest addition to the perfect binder line, the Graphic Whizard 460A PUR Perfect Binder combines all of the great features of our EVA hot melt adhesive binders with the innovative PUR (reactive polyurethane) binding. PUR is an effective, high-quality binding on coated or non-coated stocks!


Advantages at a glance

  • Automatic clamping, glue application, milling, and nipping
  • Self-adjusting PUR side glue
  • Sealed tank system to reduce waste
  • Adjustable and automatic nip table pressure for a squarer spine
  • Adjustable nip table side pressure
  • Built-in dust extraction
  • Electric / fully-automatic clamping of sheets
  • Floor model
  • Electric clamping of cover
  • Manual cover insertion
  • LCD display


Product Information

Product Video

Cycle Speed: 450 Books/hour
Maximum Binding Length: 18.1”
Maximum Binding Thickness: 2.25”
Notching: (24 Blades)
Warm-up Time:  20-30 Minutes