Horizon AFC-746F Large-format Folder

The Standard Horizon AFC-746F Large-format Folder includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly color touchscreen control panel that displays all common fold formats and sheet sizes for easy selection. The folder features quick changeover and fully-automated set-up with up to 47 automated adjustments including in-feed, roller gap, buckle-fold, and knife-fold sections. The AFC-746F is very flexible – with 6 buckle plates + 1st knife + 2 buckles under the knife, 1 buckle standard + 2nd knife. It handles sheet sizes up to 29.1” x 43.3” and as small as 8.27” x 11.695” with programmable memory for up to 200 different jobs. It includes a pallet pile feeder with suction head. The AFC-746F also contains a new ergonomically friendly slitter shaft removal system, where the operator can remove the perforation shaft automatically for easier blade setting – a quick release lever, internal elevator, and slide out carriage highlight this new feature.


Advantages At a Glance:

  • User-friendliness – A large, color touchscreen control panel is icon-based for user-friendly operation
  • Advanced Automation – Each section is set automatically by inputting the sheet size and fold pattern through the touchscreen
  • Superior Folding Quality – Superior and consistent fold quality is ensured with steel and solft-formed polyurethane combination rollers.
  • Knife Stopper Fine-adjustment – The knife stopper can be fine-tuned in the range 0f ± 0.5 mm.
  • Registration Mark Input Screen – When folding 8-page or 16-page signatures, it is possible to perform all fine adjustments by simply inputting the position of the registration mark on the screen
  • Automatic Perforation Shaft Extraction – The perforation shaft can be automatically removed for easier replacement of the perforation cutter/slitter.
  • Power Stop System – Delivery belts run slower when a sheet is coming to the knife stopper to prevent the knife folding skew and damage to the sheet.
  • Ejecting Function – Ejecting function is placed at the 1st and 2nd knife fold stopper to allow folding quality checks during job setting and operation.
  • Horizon pXnet Bindery Control System is used as a central control point to schedule work, send job data to each finisher, monitor status of finishers and collect production statistics from finishers in real time.


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Product Video

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Maximum Sheet Size: 29.1′′ W x 43.3′′ L
Minimum Sheet Size: 8.27′′ W x11.695′′ L
Stock Weight Range: 35 to 209 gsm (uncoated paper)
Maximum Pile Height:  47.2′′ (pallet included)