Sterling Digibinder PUR – PUR Perfect Binder

The Sterling® Digibinder PUR is a PUR Perfect Binder. A color touchscreen facilitates the ease of set-up via an automatic book thickness gauge. The book size, the clamp, and the nipper then adjust automatically.


Advantages at a glance

  • Adjustable milling blade specifically designed for PUR binding (0 – 2mm)
  • PUR or EVA glue applied by nozzle connected to a pressurized tank with separate nozzles for side gluing
  • 4 lb glue slugs can be switched out easily
  • 5 minute clean up at the end of a run
  • Adjustable nipper dwelling time


Product Information

Product Video

Maximum Length: 12”
Maximum Cover Size: 12.5” x 27”
Minimum Thickness: 2”
Speed: Up to 300 BPH
Warm Up Time: 30 Minutes