Mitsubishi SDP-Eco 1630 IIIR

The efficient, environmentally friendly SDP-Eco1630IIIR platesetting system features a patented, self-contained processor that operates with two ready-to-use solutions for imaging Silver DigiPlate™ paper or polyester plate materials. This CTP platesetting system uses up to two-thirds less chemistry and produces precisely the right plate for every job – one color, two–color or process color. Mitsubishi’s SDP-Eco1630IIIR is a completely automated, digital platesetting system. Versatile and cost-efficient, the SDP-Eco1630IIIR is designed to increase your CTP capabilities, while decreasing your chemistry consumption and costs.


Advantages at a glance

  • Outputs of up to 78 plates per hour (at 1200 dpi)
  • Delivers resolutions of 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400 dpi
  • Harlequin NT-RIP and platform
  • Plate widths from 9″ to 16 5/16″ (229 mm to 414 mm) and lengths from 8 5/8″ to 22 13/16″ (220 mm to 580 mm)



 Technical Data