Petratto Cordoba – High-speed Creasing, Folding and Gluing Machine

The Petratto Cordoba is a High-speed Creasing, Folding and Gluing Machine. The Cordoba range follows the rule of using a matrix system to crease substrates prior to folding. Heavy boards, plastics, or laminations, in addition to cross grain or digitally printed works can now be created without a die-cutting machine. The Cordoba incorporates a traditional folding section with a knife and matrix creasing unit. The folder has a modified roller configuration and fold plate angle, which eliminates crackings and curls when folding heavy stocks. Perforating, punching, and gluing attachments can be added. Plough folds can also be added to produce presentation folders. The machine can crease from 80 to 600 gsm (4 – 30 points) and fold from 140 to 600 gsm (6 – 30 points). When folding light weight stocks a standard folding unit can be added.


Product Information

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Maximum Size: 20.5” x 47.25”
Minimum Size: 6” x 7.75”
Creasing Stock Range: 80 – 600 gsm
Folding Stock Range: 140-600 gsm
Speed: 14,000 creases per hour (A4 size, 1 crease)