Petratto Bat Fold – Creaser and Paper and Cardboard Folder

The Petratto Bat Fold is a Creasing Machine plus a Paper and Cardboard Folding Machine in one. It creases and folds all common jobs, including gate fold. The material can be paper, cardboard and brochures with a high gsm. It can also fold without creasing middle and low gsm papers. It has been designed to fold from 80 to 350 gsm papers, even with gate folds. It can quickly and accurately carry out offset or digital printing jobs, including wrong grains or UV coated/laminated papers. It can process leaflets, booklets, cards, soft covers for stitched booklets and many more applications.


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Maximum Size: 17.75” x 35.50”
Minimum Size: 6” x 7.75”
Creasing Stock Range: 80 – 600 gsm
Folding Stock Range: 80 – 350 gsm
Speed A4 1 Creasing-Folding: 11,000 creases per hour
Speed A4 1 Folding: 24,000 creases per hour