EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite – Color Management Software

The EFI Fiery® Color Profiler Suite Color Management Software provides integrated color management functionality and quality control for printing systems. It extends the color capabilities of Fiery Driven printers with the most advanced color management tools available for profile creation, inspection, editing and color quality assurance. Modular functions ensure color accuracy and consistency across design and office applications for all types of media, while increasing productivity and return on investment.


Advantages at a glance

  • Create a calibration set for each paper type and press
  • Create color profiles and link them to calibration sets
  • Set up a print workflow to make it easy to use those profiles
  • Verify that calibrations and color profiles are achieving the desired results
  • Provide basic monitor color matching
  • Optimize spot colors
  • Precisely match up to five, same-model, Fiery-driven presses and other tools


Product Information



Software  Description
Fiery Color Profile Suite: Includes EFI ES-2000 spectrophotometer and Color Profiler Suite software. Includes one year Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMSA). SMSA includes direct EFI technical support and all product upgrades with a current SMSA at no charge.
Fiery Color Profile Suite (software only): Includes the full version of Color Profiler Suite software. A spectrophotometer is required for licensing. Includes one year SMSA.
Fiery Color Profiler Suite (upgrading to V3.x to v4.x): Provides software upgrade from Color Profiler Suite version 3.x to the latest release. Includes 1 year SMSA.
Fiery Color Profiler Suite (version upgrade 4.x to the latest release): Requires SMSA agreement. All Color Profiler Suite upgrades after version 4.0 are included at no charge under SMSA coverage.