CRON-ECRM 26H UV CTP and Emerald Plate

The CTP Model 26H (26”/670mm format) is the first in a line of automatic 3-in-1 integrated imaging systems designed by CRON-ECRM. The H-series system combines fully automated plate loading with precision imaging, punching and transport, providing a low cost, easy-to-use compact unit, which is easy to maintain. With a total footprint just 60% of the size of comparable units, this system offers high performance alongside improved convenience and cost efficiency.


Advantages at a glance

• Max. Plate Size: 26.37” x 22.04”
• Resolution: 2400 / 2540 / 2800 DPI
• Up to 27 PPH (2400 DPI / 20.07 Width)
• 3-in-1 Fully Automatic CTP System with Auto-loading and In-line Punch
• Blackwood Emerald – UV Low Chemistry Plate
• Eco-friendly Plates
• WPT70 Low Chemistry Wash-out Unit
• Superb Low Cost Solution for Small Format Printers
• Compatible with Eco-friendly Plates
• Compact Design with a Small Footprint

Product Information



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Blackwood Emerald-UV Low Chemistry Plate The new CRON-ECRM Blackwood Emerald-UV low chemistry plate is unique. It is designed to not only streamline the production process, but also reduce costs and support a higher level of environmental responsibility by minimizing the consumption of chemicals and water for UV exposed plates. With a simple wash-out bath, plates are press-ready in seconds and exhibit perfect dot reproduction, from 1-98% for either stochastic screening (20 microns) or conventional screening up to 200 lpi. Run length is up to 50,000 without baking (20,000 for UV ink). Blackwood UV plates bring the qualities of a first-class aluminum base with multi-layer electrochemical graining, together with a coating, which has a high sensitivity, excellent plate adhesion and robust performance. The net result provides excellent contrast, perfect ink/water balance and is ideal for commercial printing.

The CRON-ECRM Blackwood Emerald-UV also benefits from eco-friendly platesetting, due to the non-ablative process and the use of a low-chemistry, non-toxic washout solution. This reduces the impact on the environment, as well as delivering significant financial savings on plate chemistry and controlled waste removal.