Horizon APC-450 Electric Programmable Paper Cutter

The Standard Horizon APC-450 Electric Programmable Paper Cutter features a 17.7′′ format cutter that is the perfect fit for performing bleed trim work and basic cutting of digitally imprinted stocks. The system features three quick access memory buttons for instant recall with job memory up to 30 programs. Automatic push-out is provided for smooth and safe operation. The standard foot pedal clamps paper firmly before electrical-powered clamp pressure is applied for increased accuracy. A repeat cut function simplifies set-up of multiple cuts of the same dimension within a job. The APC-450 has been specially designed to maximize operator safety. If the area sensors detect any objects, the cutting motion will stop immediately. A key is also required for operation. The machine comes with a spare high-speed hardened-steel cutting blade to minimize downtime and ensure continuous precision cutting.


Advantages at a glance

  • Job Recall Function – Frequent jobs, for example A3 cut to A4 or A4 booklet trimming, can be recalled with the push of a button.
  • Cut Line – The LED cut line shows the actual cutting position to allow easy and accurate positioning and operation.
  • Safety – The APC-450 employs state-of-the-art safety standards. Two button operation, safety cover and emergency stop features for operator safety.


Product Information

Product Video

Cutting Width: Up to 17.7”
Cutting Height: Up to 2.36”
Cutting Depth: 1.58” to 17.7”
Job Memory: 30 programs
Cutting Speed: 9 seconds/cycle (50 Hz)
8 seconds/cycle (60 Hz)